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MYHOSIFY MVT is a pioneering company in the field of medical tourism, offering a comprehensive one-stop solution for individuals seeking healthcare services abroad. The company's name "MYHOSIFY" likely signifies a personalized approach to healthcare, focusing on individual needs and preferences.

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MYHOSIFY provides a wide range of services to streamline the medical tourism experience for patients:



Virtual Reality Hospital Tours: 

Introducing virtual reality (VR) hospital tours, allowing patients to virtually explore healthcare facilities and accommodations before making their medical tourism decisions. MYHOSIFY MVT is the first company to offer such a service.


HUMAN+AI-Powered Personalized Treatment Plans:

Using artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to analyze patients' medical history, preferences, Doctor's advice, and treatment needs, creating personalized treatment plans. By leveraging AI technology, MYHOSIFY MVT is offering highly tailored medical tourism experiences, setting a new standard in personalized care within the industry.


Integrated Wellness Retreats:

Introducing integrated wellness retreats that combine medical treatments with holistic wellness experiences such as yoga, meditation, nutrition counselling, and spa therapies. By offering a comprehensive approach to health and well-being, MYHOSIFY MVT is creating a new category of medical tourism, catering to patients seeking holistic healing and rejuvenation.


Assistance to appropriate Food and Groceries :

Customized Meal Plans: MYHOSIFY MVT collaborates with local restaurants and catering services to offer customized meal plans tailored to patients’ dietary requirements and preferences. Whether patients have specific dietary restrictions or cultural preferences, the company makes sure they have access to suitable meal options.

Online Food Delivery Platforms: Leveraging online food delivery platforms, MYHOSIFY MVT can help patients order meals from a variety of restaurants in the area. They may provide recommendations based on cuisine preferences, proximity to the patient’s accommodation, and reviews from other customers.

Grocery Delivery Services: For patients who prefer to cook their meals or have specific dietary needs, MYHOSIFY MVT can arrange grocery delivery services. They partner with local grocery stores or online platforms to ensure patients have access to fresh produce, pantry staples, and speciality items as needed.

Cultural Cuisine Assistance: Understanding that international patients may crave familiar foods from their home country, MYHOSIFY MVT assists in locating specialty stores or restaurants that offer authentic cuisine from various cultures. This helps patients feel more comfortable and supported during their stay abroad.

Nutritional Guidance: In collaboration with healthcare professionals, MYHOSIFY MVT may provide nutritional guidance and support to patients, helping them make informed choices about their dietary intake to support their recovery or ongoing health management.

Concierge Services: As part of their concierge services, MYHOSIFY MVT can handle all aspects of food and grocery bookings, from initial arrangements to delivery coordination, ensuring a hassle-free experience for patients.


Online and Offline Lab Test Bookings-

Online Lab Test Booking: The company facilitates online lab test bookings through their network of partner laboratories. Patients can conveniently schedule their tests through an online platform provided by MYHOSIFY MVT, selecting the type of test required and the preferred date and time. The platform may also allow patients to upload any relevant medical documents or prescriptions.

Offline Lab Test Booking: For patients who prefer or require offline assistance, MYHOSIFY MVT offers personalized support. This could involve contacting local laboratories directly to schedule appointments on behalf of the patient, taking into account their availability and location.

Coordination and Confirmation: Once the lab test appointments are booked, MYHOSIFY MVT coordinates with the patient to confirm the details and ensure they have all the necessary information, such as the location of the lab, appointment time, and any preparation instructions.

Reminders and Follow-up: To ensure that patients do not miss their appointments, MYHOSIFY MVT may provide reminders via email, phone calls, or SMS messages leading up to the scheduled date. They also follow up with patients after the tests to ensure they have received the results and assist with any further actions required.

Quality Assurance: MYHOSIFY MVT ensures that the laboratories they partner with maintain high standards of quality and accuracy in conducting tests. They may periodically review the performance of partner labs and gather feedback from patients to ensure satisfaction with the services provided.


Online And Offline Pharmacy Services Assistance:

Online Medicine Booking: The company collaborates with online pharmacies, allowing patients to order medications through a secure online platform and have them delivered to their preferred location, whether it’s their accommodation or home.

Offline Medicine Booking: Local Pharmacy Coordination: For patients who prefer to pick up their medications in person, MYHOSIFY MVT assists in locating nearby pharmacies where they can fill their prescriptions.

Prescription Delivery: If patients are unable to visit a pharmacy, MYHOSIFY MVT arranges for prescription medications to be delivered to their location, ensuring they have access to necessary medications without inconvenience.

On-Site Dispensing: In certain cases, MYHOSIFY MVT may coordinate with healthcare facilities to provide on-site dispensing services, offering immediate access to required medications.

Emergency Medication Assistance: In the event of unforeseen medical emergencies, MYHOSIFY MVT helps patients access emergency medications promptly, ensuring timely treatment and care.


Flight booking assistance:

Our Manager begins by understanding the patient's travel preferences, including preferred departure and arrival airports, travel dates, and any specific requirements or preferences.

Flight Options: MYHOSIFY MVT offers a range of flight options tailored to the patient's needs, including economy, business, or first-class seats, as well as direct or connecting flights depending on travel preferences and budget.

Cost Optimization: MYHOSIFY MVT leverages its network and expertise to find the most cost-effective flight options for patients, taking into account factors such as budget constraints, travel dates, and preferred airlines.

Flexible Booking: MYHOSIFY MVT offers flexibility in flight booking, allowing patients to make changes to their travel plans if needed, such as adjusting travel dates or routes, subject to airline policies and availability.

Assistance with Special Requirements: For patients with special requirements, such as medical assistance during the flight or wheelchair accessibility, MYHOSIFY MVT coordinates with airlines to ensure that appropriate accommodations are arranged.

Visa and Documentation Assistance: The company assists patients in obtaining the necessary travel documents, including visas and travel insurance, to ensure smooth travel arrangements.

24/7 Support: MYHOSIFY MVT provides round-the-clock support to patients, offering assistance with flight bookings, itinerary changes, and any travel-related inquiries or emergencies that may arise.

Integration with Medical Itinerary: Flight bookings are seamlessly integrated with the patient's medical itinerary, ensuring that travel plans align with medical appointments and treatment schedules.

Online and Offline hotel bookings:

Online Hotel Booking Assistance: Personalized Recommendations: MYHOSIFY MVT provides personalized hotel recommendations based on the patient's preferences, budget, and proximity to healthcare facilities.

Online Booking Platforms: The company leverages online booking platforms to facilitate hotel reservations, allowing patients to browse options, compare prices, and book accommodations conveniently from anywhere in the world.

Secure Payment Processing: MYHOSIFY MVT ensures secure payment processing for online hotel bookings, offering various payment options and protecting patients' financial information.

Offline Hotel Booking Assistance: Dedicated Travel Agents: MYHOSIFY MVT assigns dedicated travel agents to assist patients in finding suitable accommodations offline, taking into account their specific needs and preferences.

Direct Contact with Hotels: The company establishes direct contact with hotels to negotiate rates, arrange bookings, and address any special requests or requirements for the patients.

Flexible Booking Options: MYHOSIFY MVT ensures Offline hotel bookings, allowing patients to change their reservations if needed and providing support throughout the process.

Quality Assurance: MYHOSIFY MVT ensures that all recommended hotels meet high standards of quality, safety, and comfort, conducting regular inspections and gathering feedback from patients to maintain satisfaction levels.

Integration with Medical Itinerary: Hotel bookings are seamlessly integrated with the patient's medical itinerary, ensuring that accommodations are conveniently located near healthcare facilities and aligned with medical appointments and treatment schedules.

24/7 Support: MYHOSIFY MVT provides round-the-clock support to patients for hotel bookings, addressing any inquiries, concerns, or emergencies that may arise during their stay.


Consultation and Planning: 

MYHOSIFY MVT Initial Medical Consultants are Doctors trained to start by understanding the patient's medical needs and preferences. They provide consultations to discuss treatment options, destination choices, and associated costs.


Medical Provider Network: 

MYHOSIFY MVT has established partnerships with leading hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers around the world. They match patients with the most suitable medical professionals based on their requirements.


Logistics Management:

MYHOSIFY MVT provide assistance for all logistical aspects of the medical trip, including travel arrangements, accommodation booking, airport transfers, and local transportation.


Language Assistance:

MYHOSIFY MVT offers language interpretation services to ensure effective communication between patients and healthcare providers, overcoming language barriers.


Visa Assistance:

MYHOSIFY MVT facilitates the visa application process is a crucial part of their service, helping patients obtain the necessary travel documents for their medical journey.


Concierge Services:

MYHOSIFY MVT provide personalized concierge services to enhance the overall experience, catering to patients' needs and preferences during their stay abroad.


Post-Treatment Care:

Before & After the medical procedure, MYHOSIFY MVTensures that patients receive proper follow-up care and support, including arranging telemedicine consultations if needed.


Quality Assurance:

MYHOSIFY MVT maintains high standards of quality and safety, working with accredited healthcare facilities and monitoring patient satisfaction throughout the process.


Overall, MYHOSIFY MVT aims to offer a seamless and stress-free experience for patients seeking medical treatment abroad, providing support at every step of their journey and ensuring they receive the best possible care, if you have any query regarding our services, please feel free to connect us at and call us on +91 852 722 2803

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Our Patient Feedbacks

Sadoon Chukw
قطاع النفط، نيجيريا

“"أود أن أعرب عن تقديري العميق للسياحة الطبية MYHOSIFY MVT وفريقهم المحترف وخاصة السيد رامان. لقد كانت تجربتي في السفر للعلاج في الخارج ممتازة بفضل دعمهم المستمر وتوجيهاتهم المفيدة. وكانت العملية سلسة وناجحة، وتلقيت الرعاية الطبية المتميزة التي كنت أحتاجها. لا يمكنني إلا أن أوصي بشدة بخدماتهم لأي شخص يفكر في السفر لتلقي العلاج.”

Aman Kumar Singh
Block Chain Developer, Bangalore

“I should say that this platform has something new when it comes to provide services not just overseas but within India as well, My Patient relationship Manager (Dr. Kirti) has given me clarity about Treatment plan, and the points i should keep in my mind while going to a hospital for treatment, Excellent service.”

Tilahun Berhe
Interior Designer, Ethiopia

“I took treatment for Triple vessel disease in Apollo Hospital through MYHOSIFY MVT, Great Knowledge, Mixture of Professionalism and friendly behavior, Thankyou MYHOSIFY MVT for your services, highly recommended”

“Good service, they tell everything in very transparent manner, Take help when you come to Indian Hospital , Thanks”